Glock blue label program

American Outdoor Sports, Inc. is an Authorized GLOCK Blue label Dealer.

  • Persons who qualify for the discounted, law enforcement pricing are as follows:
  • Sworn Law Enforcement officers, including Federal, State, County, & City
    • Includes retired L.E. officers with “retired” credentials
  • EMT’s, Fire Fighters, Volunteer Fire Fighters, and Paramedics;
  • Military personnel including Reservists and National Guard with I.D.
    • Includes retired Military with “retired” credentials
  • Corrections Officers, including Parole and Probation Officers;
  • State Licensed Security Companies (Loomis, RAM, G4S, etc.)
    • Employed Fulltime as an armed guard
  • Court Judges
  • LE Academy Cadets with enrollment documentation from the Academy
  • GLOCK Sport Shooting Foundation (GSSF) members with valid gun purchase card.
    •   Not for immediate sale of a pistol on membership
    •   The GSSF GLOCK Pistol Purchase Card will be issued to a GSSF Annual Member renewing an annual membership for a 2nd consecutive year.
    •   The GSSF GLOCK Pistol Purchase Card will be issued to a GSSF ‘Two-Year’, ‘Three Year’, ‘Five Year’ or “Lifetime’ Member with their initial membership card.
Limit of two Glock Blue Label Purchases each year
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